Are you a professional in the property and construction industry? Are you interested in reading about tried and tested project management and tech tips that you can use right now?

You came to the right place! My name is Andrew Kim, the author of the Building Productivity Blog. I'm a client-side project manager in construction working in Melbourne, Australia. I'm interested in the cross-section between construction, technology and productivity.

Here in this blog, I share easy, actionable project management and tech tips for people working in the property and construction industry. I blog from my personal experience so no more "generic" advice which doesn't really apply to you.


Technology has been a big part of my childhood, education and career. When I was in primary school, I made geocities websites using pure HTML and CSS using windows notepad. (I once made a website about cats with bubbles floating down in the background with xylophone midi background music). I still enjoy developing websites to this day but using a bit more modern tool.

At University, I studied both architecture and engineering. For architecture, I've pulled all-nighters trying to 3D model unrealistic floating buildings. I've spent a lot of time designing posters to try to please my tutors (who were always still critical regardless of what you do). For engineering, we created intense spreadsheets to determine structural design compliance with the Australian Standards.

I am a product of this generation. I have grown up with computers, smartphones, and adapting to upcoming technology.

I've been a project manager in both government and private sectors delivering construction projects. I've noticed that the construction industry faces a unique set of challenges. I've been trying to learn and adapt the technology to be more efficient and productive at work. This has taken in form of personal tasks as well as leading organisational change in adopting new software. But I recognise some people may need a little bit of help.

Time and time again, I see that a lot of people want to improve their technical literacy so that they can be more efficient at work. But they don't know where to start. A lot of the time they just give up.

In this blog, I would like to share tech tips so that you can build productivity both at work and at home.

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Thanks for reading my blog!

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Helpful project management and productivity tips from a construction project manager

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