Oct. 12, 2020

Construction Kick-Off Meeting Agenda

My checklist and agenda items you can use for your kick-off meeting


Back when I was working for a university, I had the chance to deliver many fast-paced projects in a live and operational environment. For projects like these, there are many procedures, action items, and issues that the team needs to cover before works start on site.

As client-side project managers, this is one of the most important meetings that you can have. This is the chance for you to set clear expectations with everyone in the project team to ensure successful delivery of your project.

In this meeting, you will want to foster a positive and collaborative relationship. But also, you want to lay down the rules that the contractor needs to adhere to.

Through making (non-catastrophic) mistakes and learning from these experiences, I eventually compiled my own checklist/agenda. I use this for kick-off meetings for small to medium-sized construction projects being delivered in a live and operational environment. This agenda has worked very well for me over the years.

Feel free to use this agenda and notes and adapt it for your project!

Kick-Off Meeting Agenda


  • Welcome - ensure that everyone has the chance to introduce themselves

Contract Admin

  • Contract Execution
    Coordinate to ensure that this is signed as soon as possible!
  • Insurances required for the project
    See what the contract says
  • Bank guarantees
    See what the contract says. Don't forget to collect the bank guarantee!
  • Project Management Plan / Construction Plan / Work Health and Safety Plan + other as required by the contract
  • Dilapidation Report
    Request the contractor for dilapidation report to ensure that everyone knows what the existing condition looks like before works are undertaken
  • Payment process
    Date for the contractor to issue and how the contractor should issue the claim

Scope of work

  • Scope of Works
    Ask the contractor for their understanding of the scope of works
  • Risks and Issues
    Ask the contractor for their understanding of project-specific risks and issues
  • For Construction Drawings
    You should organise this with the consultants as soon as the contract has been awarded.


  • Review the program
    Let the contractor explain their program. Ensure everyone has a clear understanding of key milestones
  • Procurement
    This is an opportunity to discuss any items with long lead time so that procurement can be priortised and monitored
  • Hours of Work
    The stakeholders should know when works are taking place
  • Disruptive works
    For a live and operational environment, it is crucial that contractor give notice several days/weeks prior and coordinate with stakeholders
  • Services isolation required
    Fire/electrical/gas/mechanical and see if it is going to affect any stakeholders.
  • Hazardous Materials
    If there are any known hazardous materials in the building


  • RFI process
    Can the contractor email directly to the consultant cc-ing the project manager, or does everything need to be sent to the project manager?
  • Shop drawings process
    Same as above. If there are many shop drawings to be reviewed, see what the contract says about time for clients to review (for example GC21 contract)


  • On-site Inductions
    Ask the facility/lab manager beforehand what inductions are required for working on site
  • Site Protection
    Ask the contractor how they plan to protect the site
  • Hoardings if required
    If hoardings are required, ask the contractor to mark it up on a plan for stakeholders' review
  • Comms
    Who can contractor contact if there are on-site issues and who are the main point of contact from the contractor's sides
  • Amenities / Parking / Storages for contractors
    Let the facility/lab manager coordinate directly with the contractors
  • Next Meeting

Other tips

  • Make sure to send out the agenda beforehand so that everyone can think and prepare their answers. During the meeting, keep everyone focused on the agenda to minimise time wasted.
  • Ensure everyone has the chance to speak. This meeting should be a conversation between all parties to confirm their understanding of their responsibilities.
  • For important action items ask when they're going to complete the task and get their commitment. Write down the due date in the minute.
  • If you're chairing the meeting, ask different people what they think to ensure everyone is paying attention (ha!)
  • After the meeting, send out the minutes as soon as possible. Ensure it contains key action items and due date.

May your projects be successful!

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